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Who the fuck is Rockster?

“Songs which inspired me all my life were actually no club songs” is how he describes the music that moved him the most. This is surprising, considering that ROCKSTER played countless Gigs, Radio- & Live-Shows (Rapsoul, Backstreet-Boys Tour) as a DJ.

“Throughout my existence as a DJ I was always searching for songs with a soul, songs that take you away emotionally instead of having to bear the ever existing funfair-sound”. Now he is following his own path implementing his idea of music with Soul and deep bass!

When asked in what genre Rockster feels home, he answers with “electronically inspired popmusic, so Poptro!”

The combination of banging dance-beats, guitar-sounds and soul, makes Rockster a cross-genre music act for hard club-nights, desolate road trips and solitary moments. Music, which touches the listener’s heart and gives a first impression of the album’s scope, which ROCKSTER is currently working on.  Check out Rockster´s first and second single.

Rockster feat. Butch Williams “This Ain’t Lovel” (Label: efe|music)

With his second single “This Ain´t Love” Rockster engages in to a topic that we all know very well and always tears us emotionally apart: The stressful feeling that the relationship is a farce without perspective. Does it still make sense? In “This Ain´t Love” Rockster picks up right on this issue and accompanies the song with energetic musical sounds.

For support he has invited Butch Williams, who gives the song a touch of Soul with his voice. Butch Williams has worked with many great artists such as Xavier Naidoo, Edo Zanki, Söhne Mannheims, No Angels, Brosis, Martin Kesici, Julee Cruise, Haddayway, The Weather Girls, Boney M., La Bouche, Yvonne Betz, Chaka Khan and many more.

The video for the song was shot in Los Angeles. The City of Angels offers with its innumerous spots the ideal conditions for an emotional but yet powerful song like “This Ain´t Love”. Second single, second video!


Rockster feat. Paul Cless “How I Feel” (Label: efe|music)

To escape everyday life, ROCKSTER & PAUL CLESS go on a crazy trip through the city. They allow their inner child to come out and have the time of their lives. The result of this wild ride can be seen in their video! The adventure was staged by London´s director Steve Glashier (Moby and Laidback Luke amongst others).