Credibil – Per Aspera Ad Astra (Official Remix)

I was in the studio with Credibil. Listen to his amazing and deep rapparts.

And expect more tunes from us in the future!


Ich war mit Credibil im Studio.
Sehr deepe Rapparts…großartig geschrieben.

Von uns beiden wird schon bald einiges mehr kommen!

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Efe aka EFF @Trackdealer Studios / Eschborn
Video by: Hüseyin Yildirim
Beat: Killa M

Papillon Rising – Leading Man

To learn more about film making, in their new music video ‘Leading Man’ Papillon Rising went undercover on a movie set, and couldn’t resist dressing up as some of their – and hopefully your – favorite movie characters after hours. Especially, but not exclusively, all 80s kids amongst you will love this homage to many movie and tv classics.

Introducing Schenck OH…

Here is another great rapper from Frankfurt Schenck OH who records his music at my studio. Watch the video ‘Arche’ here


Ein weiterer großartiger Rapper aus Frankfurt, der bei mir recordet. Schaut euch hier sein Video zur Single ‘Arche’ an:

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Efe aka EFF @Trackdealer Studios / Eschborn

Introducing Brattko…

Check out this rapper, he recorded his EP at my studio with beats by EMK36. Listen to ‘Guten Tag’ by Brattko here


Checkt diesen Rapper! Er hat seine EP bei mir aufgenommen, die Beats kommen von EMK36. Schaut euch hier das Video zu ‘Guten Tag’ an:

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Efe aka EFF @Trackdealer Studios / Eschborn

Mr. L feat. Efe – Es trägt mich (Free Download!)

Welcome back Mr. L!

“Hier kommen 2 von den Machern des Tapes mit dem Herzen auf dem Cover…”

Viel Spaß mit dem ersten musikalischen Lebenszeichen von meinen langjährigen BrotherFromAnotherMother & Rapper Kollegen Mr. L!!

Ich bin als Feature Gast auch am Mic vertreten. Und das Beste: Dieser Song ist ein FREE DOWNLOAD

Beat: Epistra Beats

Recording, Mix und Master: Efe @Trackdealer Studios / Eschborn

Video by Kevlić Winehouse

Foto & Cover by BlackPaint

Danke an alle Schauspieler & Helfer!

Jadira – Event Artist

Halid Rizvanovic

Dejan Sentic

Ein besonderer Dank geht an Rafi für die super Unterstützung!!!

Papillon Rising – High Upon High (Jackie Chan Tribute)

They did it again…

In their new music video, P. & EFF from Papillon Rising, pay homage to Jackie Chan and celebrate the 30th anniversary of his film ‘Armour Of God’, while staying truly funky. Watch the outstanding and crazy music video ‘High Upon High’, which was directed by the great Andy Long, here:

Get your copy on: ITUNES AMAZON

Produced by Papillon Rising
Mastered by Lex Barkey

Papillon Rising – Things Are Looking Up

Get ready for some Retro Funk from the future…

Papillon Rising, your new favourite funky time travellers,  finally released their first music video! Watch ‘Things Are Looking Up’ from their debut EP ‘First Contact’ here.

You might say the good-looking baldhead resembles me, but that’s impossible since Papillon Rising are coming from the future…

Get your copy on: ITUNES AMAZON

Written, produced, performed, recorded, and mixed by PAPILLON RISING in the Time Glider Studios between 1978 and 2046.
Mastered by Lex Barkey
Music & lyrics by P. Clazz & EFF Ok-Man
Bass: Marc Inti, Guitar: Loomis Green, Leon Tiepold
Sax: Stefan Kuchel

Pokar – Pesin Para

Watch Pokar’s music video ‘Peşin Para’ here. Produced by Azid Music and recorded, mixed and mastered by Efe aka EFF @Trackdealer Studios / Eschborn


Schaut euch hier Pokar’s Video zu ‘Peşin Para’ an. Produziert von Azid Music; aufgenommen, gemischt und gemastered von Efe aka EFF @Trackdealer Studios / Eschborn :

Get your copy on: ITUNES AMAZON

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