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Vodka & Raki „Marihuana“ (label: efe|music/ more music)

What happens, when studio nights full of work turn into one big party, cause the music that just got produced commands the producers and the two sexy singers to do so?

The Producer-team „Vodka & Raki“ knows the answer! In one of those long studio nights they produced a song, that has the potential to be that catchy summer hit of 2012. It´s not only a remake of the old classic song, that your parents danced to back in 1958, it´s an artsy, fresh and funky, as MTV would say „pimped“ dancefloor interpretation that wont permit dancefloors to stay empty!

Who is „Vodka & Raki“ ? One could think it´s a new formation of former anonymous alcoholics and would be surprised to find out, that the team of producers, Tim (Vodka) and Efe (Raki) are responsible for various international hits. Artists that got their songs produced or remixed by Vodka and Raki are No Doubt, Lumidee, Beenie Man, Inna, Kanye West, Keri Hilson, Jan Delay, Sido and Kool Savas, just to mention a few of them.

Now Tim and Efe are about to show everybody, the possible result of long party nights in the studio full of fun and positive energy.
It´s known, that alcohol (vodka & raki) and marijuana don´t mix. I think we have an exeptional case here, but judge for yourself 😉

Vodka & Raki – Marihuana
produced by Vodka & Raki @Goldmine Studio
feat. Mucky „The Voice“ & Paula „Shot“ Ramirez