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The Chronicles of Papillon Rising


Papillon Rising

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Papillon Rising

The Chronicles of Papillon Rising

Papillon Rising is an electro pop duo from 2046. Loud mouthed lead singer P. and grumpy beat maker EFF are on a time travel mission to prevent a dark and dull future.

This future is controlled by the Executive Force for Cultural Order. While providing safety and comfort, the E.F.C.O. also regulates leisure, and even censors music and art to induce conformity. Living in a golden cage, the masses comply, blind to a rising shadow that eventually would be called the Great Cultural Depression.

Only the Papillon movement, a group of artists, scientists, and outlaws, continues to fight for freedom and creativity. As Papillon struggles to remain hidden from the EFCO’s prosecution, their last hope rests upon the two brave heroes P. and EFF to take a leap of faith - a leap back in time. Their time glider touches down in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, but then, all leads point to the 2020s.

Their new destination: 2016.

Their perfect disguise: a pop band.

Their mission: making fun and funky music.

Oh, and of course, creating a ripple effect leading to an alternative, bright, and free future.

This is the Papillon Rising!

To get a better impression of what their mission is about, watch this Papillon Rising Prolog:

The latest Adventures of Papillon Rising

Defenders of the Gym

Since Papillon Rising's mission is to save the future, they couldn't just ignore the request by their friends at FitX. They mentioned, that some folks aren’t familiar with the gym rules yet, so Papillon Rising took it upon themselves to step in! Turns out though, their 2046 methods aren't entirely approved of .. Oops – maybe they should’ve clarified? Check out their gym adventures:

Leading Man

To learn more about film making, in their new music video ‘Leading Man’ Papillon Rising went undercover on a movie set, and couldn’t resist dressing up as some of their – and hopefully your – favorite movie characters after hours. Especially, but not exclusively, all 80s kids amongst you will love this homage to many movie and tv classics:

ARTE Tracks visits Papillon Rising

The super-hip music format TRACKS by renowned French-German tv station ARTE recently visited Papillon Rising in the studio and did an extensive feature about P. and EFF. The whole feature is now permanently available in German and French. Gain exclusive insights into their studio work, and watch them shooting hoops and talking smack:

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High Upon High (Jackie Chan Tribute)

In this music video, P. & EFF, pay homage to Jackie Chan and celebrate the 30th anniversary of his film ‘Armour Of God’, while staying truly funky. Watch the outstanding and crazy music video ‘High Upon High’, which was directed by the great Andy Long, here:

Things Are Looking Up

With a soulful groove that no foot will resist, and a haunting feel good melody, Papillon Rising's first single "Things Are Looking Up" makes for the perfect underdog summer hit. Those that care for lyrics will actually find a pleasantly subtle and encouraging message. Wait, message? Yes! Remember, Papillon Rising are all about a better future..

The flashy music video offers plenty of treats. Expect a spaceship, a nice granny, and two clowns causing chaos without losing their cool (alliteration totally unintended). Why the unbreakable good vibes? Because Papillon Rising know that Things Are Looking Up!